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Southeast Campus

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Campus Expert Teacher Leader (ETL) Internal Only

Reports to: Principal

Salary Addendum: $12,000.00 per year


The Expert Teacher Leader (ETL) is a teacher who is an effective educator and will serve in a leadership role, while assuming additional duties involving assisting professional teachers towards achieving a greater degree of effectiveness. The ETL works towards becoming an instructional leader. As a campus ETL increases effectiveness, they will have opportunities to compete for or serve as a campus administrator. ETLs are held to a higher performance standard than the career teacher leaders and must earn a Teacher Evaluation Data System (TEDS) score of 4.0 or above on the Teacher Observation portion.


  • The Expert Teacher Leader collaborates with the Principal to become more effective. This collaboration provides support on the development of expertise in all areas of instruction.

  • Expert Teacher Leaders actively participate and co-facilitate the Unit group meetings, and are evaluated by the Principal and/or Expert Teacher Leaders, other Career Teacher Leaders and other leaders appointed by the District.

  • Expert Teachers Leaders attend weekly Leadership Team meetings that analyze data, and develop academic achievement plans and school assessment plans.

  • Expert Teacher Leaders participate in all supports provided by the District to include any required mentoring and coaching sessions so that they become more effective in the following areas:
          1. Analyzing student data to identify needs.
          2. Developing academic achievement plans.
          3. Collaborating in the classroom with Career Teachers, to increase teacher expertise.
          4. Using formative/summative assessments to improve student achievement.


  • A Career Teacher must be/or become Teacher Observation certified.
  • A Career Teacher must earn a Teacher Evaluation Data System (IEDS) score of 4.0 or above for the observation portion and must earn 3.0 or above for the SAS-EVAAS campus value-added portion to apply for and/retain the Expert Teacher Leader Position. If the candidate has not previously participated in the TEDS evaluation process, the candidate must demonstrate their ability to teach and coach at a higher level during the interview process. 
  • Attend all scheduled EEP Leadership PD Academy training and provide all deliverables including Benchmark data as scheduled.
  • Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience.


  • Develop and implement lesson plans that fulfill the requirements of the district’s syllabi and show written evidence of preparation as required.
  • Prepare lessons that reflect accommodations for differences in student learning styles in accordance with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as well as with best practices of teaching.
  • Present subject according to guidelines established by TEA, board policies, and administrative regulations.
  • Work cooperatively with other members of the staff as needed to determine instructional goals, curriculum objectives, and methods according to district requirements.
  • Work cooperatively with special education teachers to modify curricula as needed for special education students according to guidelines established in the Individual Employment Plan (IEP).
  • Help students analyze and improve study methods and habits.
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of student achievement through formal and informal testing.
  • Assume responsibility for extracurricular activities as assigned.  Sponsor outside activities approved by the campus principal.
  • Be a positive role model for students; support the mission of the school district.
  • Create a classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students.
  • Manage student behavior in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and student/parent handbook.
  • Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents, and community members.
  • Use effective communications skills to present information accurately and clearly.
  • Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills.
  • Keep informed of and comply with state, district and school regulations and policies for classroom teachers.
  • Establish and maintain open communication by conducting conferences with parents, students, principals, and teachers.
  • Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required,
  • Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.   



Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with families communicating about student progress and ways the families can support the student while at home.

Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with community members and agencies, building on their strengths and recognizing them as co-educators.


Maintain emotional control under stress;  Frequent standing, stooping, bending, pulling and pushing is required;  Move small stacks of textbooks, media equipment, desks, and other classroom equipment;  Must be able to frequently walk up and down stairs; At times, must be able to lift 20 pounds repeatedly. 


WHO MAY APPLY:    Applications from all sources will be accepted.

CLOSING DATE: Until filled

HOW TO APPLY:  Please send a letter of interest to

Southwest Preparatory School provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws. Additionally, retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation is prohibited.