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About our Superintendent

About Our Superintendent

Dr. Gary Short

Southwest Preparatory School District

Dr. Gary Short has been associated with Southwest Preparatory School District (SWPS) since the beginning of the school in 1998. He has a long career in education, serving in a number of positions in public and private schools as well as in universities. In addition to his role as Superintendent of SWPS, he also teaches graduate classes for Concordia University Texas. He has been named a Premier Principal in Texas in 1982, received the Outstanding Young Man of San Antonio Award for 1982, was given the Texas Leadership Award in 2009 by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools of Texas, and was also named the Outstanding Professor for Texas Lutheran University for 2004-2005.


As Superintendent, Dr. Short is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Southwest Preparatory School District. He is responsible for the effective operation of the District, general administration of all instructional and academic programs, and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees on personnel, policy, and programmatic issues. He performs all the duties and accepts all of the responsibilities required of a Superintendent as prescribed by the Texas Education Code, the laws and regulations of the United States, statutes of the State of Texas, and the policies, rules, and regulations established by the State Board of Education and the Commission of Education. His salary for the 2018-2019 school year is $83,549.00.