Meet Our Superintendent

Meet our Superintendent
About Our Superintendent
Christinn C. Jean, MSML

Southwest Winner's Foundation/Southwest Preparatory School has been very fortunate to have Christinn Jean faithfully and effectively serve in a number of important positions, including Deputy Superintendent, over the past several years.  The Southwest Winners Foundation, Inc. School Board unanimously appointed Christinn Jean as Superintendent, effective May 15, 2021. 
Ms. Jean has an extensive history working for non-profit organizations and, in 2007, moved from Round Rock,Christinn Jean Texas, to accept a position with SWP.  It was an excellent fit for both Ms. Jean and the organization because her core values so closely aligned with those of the district.  No matter what position she held, during her time with SWP, Ms. Jean has focused on improving the efficiency of operations, providing more technology to the classroom, supporting employees, and enhancing school safety.  Most recently, she has provided excellent leadership for the district during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
As Superintendent, she is responsible for the overall operation of the district, which includes six schools in Bexar and Guadalupe Counties, serving 900+ students and more than 175 full and part-time employees. She works directly with the Board of Directors, Department Heads, and Principals to advance the school's mission. 
Ms. Jean has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Management and Leadership. 
What others say about Ms. Jean and Southwest Preparatory School
As an educational consultant, I have worked and visited school districts and hundreds of
classrooms throughout the country. During these visits, I always found time to talk with students
and staff. I examined the interactions between staff, students, and central office administration to
get an understanding of the school and district culture. Taking all of this into account, I can say
unequivocally that the environment, culture, and positive interactions between students, staff, and
central office are the best I have ever seen. On top of all these elements, Southwest Prep has a
phenomenal teamwork ethic that resonates throughout each campus and the district. Although
this culture, climate, and atmosphere is a collective effort of each staff member and student, its
success and continuous evolution is the result of the district and school leadership, which are
dynamic teams led by Superintendent Christinn Jean. Superintendent Jean has created an
atmosphere and culture that engenders creativity and innovation. Her evolving goal is to create
an experience and journey for Southwest Prep students that will prepare them for a successful future
and contributors to their communities and society.
I truly believe Superintendent Jean is developing a model that school districts, public charters
and even TEA needs to examine closely as a gold standard for student and staff success.
Thank You, Superintendent Jean, for your commitment and dedication.
Caesar Mickens Jr., Ph.D.