About Us

about southwest preparatory School

Southwest Preparatory School is a college preparatory and career readiness tuition-free public charter school with five locations in San Antonio and Seguin offering grades PreK - 12th. Our model for education includes a safe environment with individual attention and an academically enriched curriculum.

As a publicly funded school, we are held to the same accountability standards as regular ISDs, including but not limited to financial audits and ratings, student attendance, and state assessment standards.

Our curriculum includes all TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and is guided by the state of Texas's own TEKS Resource System.  Our educators follow a nine-week pacing guide for continuity and presentation of materials but are free to differentiate to suit each student's needs. Students will learn through a combination of vetted curriculum, project-based learning, and the creativity that each of our effective teachers brings. In addition, each student will be enriched by learning through community service projects that emphasize our core values and positively impact our community. Most importantly, all students will be challenged through an adaptive and effective learning environment that will prepare them to succeed in the workplace and/or college. 

The leaders of Southwest Preparatory strongly believe in developing high character and moral standards in students.  Our core values are centered around a moral code consistent with the development of high character and leadership attributes that equip students for long-term success in life. The school will also honor and teach our young citizens the importance of patriotism and respect for our country's heritage, forefathers, and those who have served and continue to serve to defend and protect our liberty and freedoms.  

Our athletic program and other extracurricular activities are an integral component of our philosophy, which aims to motivate students for success in the world. 

Our Prekindergarten program is a rich learning experience designed to boost school readiness while providing a safe, developmentally appropriate, and nurturing environment. Our teachers focus on literacy, math, social interactions, and other skills to help prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Children learn through discovery and exploration during independent play, whole-group activities, and small-group instruction to promote a love of learning. Our Pre-K program is tuition-free for those who qualify and a small fee for those who do not. 

Our students can earn COLLEGE AND CAREER SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS in grades 6th-12th based on the basic principles of academic progress, attendance, conduct, and community service hours.

We offer public education in a private school setting.

 A Mission of Purpose 

The mission of the Southwest Preparatory School is to provide an adaptive and effective learning environment that will prepare students to succeed in the workplace and/or college.

A Vision of Excellence

The Vision for each student is to develop into a graduate who is self-motivated, employable, self-reliant, and optimistic about the ability to learn and possess citizenship and decision-making skills as a result of incorporating the principles learned in character education.