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Core Values

SWPS Core Beliefs
1. School is a place where students should learn their country’s heritage and the principles it was founded upon. Each school year the biographies of the Founding Fathers and the history of their sacrifices will be taught as will the history of the formation Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights.
2. Patriotism and love of country should be fostered in each of the schools. Each day students will be asked to recite the pledge of their allegiance to our country and state.
3. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. The Founding Fathers referred to our creator throughout our founding documents. Bibles are not banned from any of our campuses and all religions are to be respected. The schools may not deny students their individual right of religion while on campus.
4. America was founded on the free enterprise system and capitalism to ensure the opportunity for success for all citizens not just a few. Students will be taught the advantages of capitalism over any other alternative economic system.
5. A free people cannot remain strong unless the people are virtuous and morally strong and elect leaders who are such. Students will be taught character education and the code of conduct consistent with this.
6. Students should learn to respect others- their opinions, property and right to an education. Students will be expected to treat others as they would like to be treated and avoid bullying, putting down others or interfering with the learning of others.
 7.    Students are a blessing to society and our requirement and duty is to respect the will of the parent and prepare students to be successful in school. Students will not be required to be part of a particular class that is inconsistent with the values of their family.
8. Students should learn the value of delayed gratification so they can build a successful future. Students will have an opportunity to earn a scholarship after graduation for work completed from grades 6-12.
9. All students and staff should be accountable for their performance to each other and the school. Students and staff should take responsibilities for mistakes and avoid blaming others.
10.   Our schools support and teach the importance of the principles embodied in Covey’s Seven Habit of Highly Effective People. Students and staff will learn and apply the habits in their daily life while at school.

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SWPS History: An Era of Accomplishment
In 1998, Southwest Preparatory School opened its doors to 23 students and today there are over 800. We have become the largest charter high school in Bexar County with four campuses located in the populated areas of the Northeast, Northwest and Southeast sections of San Antonio, Texas. If the past is any indication of what the future can be, then our growth and enviable record of success with at-risk students during the past 15 years will continue- as well our determination to provide high school graduation opportunities to students through tuition-free public elementary, middle and high school. 
Southwest Preparatory School
Significant Historic Events
March 6, 1998- Southwest Preparatory School ranks 2"' out of 165 charter applications to become a 2"' Generation charter school and one of six charter schools in San Antonio with a five year charter from the State Board of Education.
April12, 1998 -Southwest Winners Foundation, Inc. is created as the sponsoring non-profit for SWPS. 
August 12, 1998- SWPS opens first day of school with 23 students in the Alamo Hill Shopping Center at 1248 Austin Hwy.
1998-1999- Students vote to have "Knights" as mascot narrowly defeating runner up "Blue Devils" by two votes. 
1999-2000- SWPS receives Discretionary Grant from TEA to start co-op for special education. 
2001- SWPS expands to 735 S.W.W. White Rd. (Southeast Campus) and operates in the sanctuary of Hope Presbyterian Church. .
2001- SWPS passes a 2.25 million municipal bond to purchase land on Austin Hwy, build the NE campus and to purchase Hope Presbyterian Church and site improvements at the SE campus.
2001-SWPS is selected by TEA to operate a pilot "virtual school."
2002- SWPS is awarded 1.3 million dollars to upgrade the SE campus and bring in new education building and cafeteria building.
2002- SWPS expands to NW San Antonio and take over School of Excellence facilities and staff on Bandera Rd.
2003 -SWPS moves NW campus to the old Koger Center (Centerview Crossing Office Complex) off of Callaghan Rd.
2003 -SWPS moves into NE campus at 1258 Austin Hwy. 
2003- SWPS starts alternative school for District called "New Directions."
2003- SWPS charter is extended for 10 years to 2013. 
2004- SWPS starts night school at NE campus.
2005-·SWPS purchases vacant lot next to SE campus. 
2006- SWPS passes 8 million dollar bond to build New Directions (NE Middle School), NW Campus in Alamo Downs and to refinance 2001 bonds at a lower interest rate.
2006-2007- SWPS New Directions Alternative Campus moves into new building on NE campus.
2007-2008- SWPS NW campus moves from Callaghan campus location to Alamo Downs.
2009- SWPS starts night school at NW Campus. 
2009-2010- SWPS starts local School Health Co-op.
2010 -SWPS purchases campus vans.
2010- 2011 -SWPS is awarded 3 year TTIPS Transformation grant totaling approximately 9 million dollars. The purpose of the grant is to change our district from a credit recovery/drop-out prevention school to a college preparatory model.
2011-2012 -SWPS NE Campus is SACS Accredited.
2012-2013 -SWPS opens Middles Schools at each campus and converts New Directions alternative school to NE Middle School.
2012-2013- SWPS SE & NW Campuses are SACS Accredited.
2012-2013- SWPS NW Campus adds students from Shekinah Radiance schools.
2012-2013 -SWPS hires architects to begin planning NW multi-purpose building.
2012-2013- SWPS applies for ten year charter renewal.
2013- SWPS purchases bus to transport NW students to NE campus.
2013-2014- SWPS expands to elementary grades at NE campus and SE Campus.
2013-2014 -SWPS adds NW Elementary School on Culebra Rd.
2013-2014-SWPS is approved to expand to contiguous counties.
2013-2014-SWPS·adds elementary grades to NE Campus by remodeling New-Directions building.
2014-2015- SWPS adds elementary building to the SE Campus.
2015-2016- Remodel Grace Family Bible Church
2016-2017- Open Seguin Elementary School PreK-5; Purchase property from Grace Family Bible Church; Refinance
Debt and borrow funds for Phase Two of Seguin and NW Gym.  Complete Phase Two Seguin.
2017-2018- Add grade 6 to Seguin Elementary School.  Remodel NW to add classrooms and grades 5 and 6.  Begin construction of NW gym.
2018-2019- Add grade 7 to Seguin Elementary School; Twenty Year Anniversary.  Complete NW gym. 
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The vision for each student is to develop into a graduate who is self-motivated, employable, self-reliant, and optimistic about the ability to learn and possess citizenship and decision making skills as a result of incorporating the principles learned in character education.
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The mission of Southwest Preparatory School is to provide an adaptive and effective learning environment that will prepare students to succeed in the workplace or college.