2024-25 Enrollment For New Students Now Open!

Enrolling Now New Students PreK-12th Grade

Southwest Preparatory School, our name says it all. We prepare our students for bright futures. 

In our close-knit community, every teacher knows your child by name, fostering an environment where they can thrive. But that's not all—our commitment goes beyond the classroom. 

Southwest Prep is dedicated to offering top-notch academics that empower students with knowledge and critical thinking skills.  From rigorous coursework to hands-on learning experiences, we believe in providing a strong foundation that prepares our students for success in any career path they choose.

We take pride in our College and Career Readiness program, designed to guide students on their unique paths beyond graduation. Whether it's preparing for college, vocational training, entering the workforce, or the military, we're here to support each student in realizing their dreams.

In today’s world, teaching traditional American values to our youth is more important than ever. Southwest Prep believes a student’s education should include traditional American beliefs or values that are the foundation of our democratic nation. In 2009, the district adopted the following core values to ensure students had the opportunity to learn about the beliefs and visions of our Founding Fathers and the value system that our country is based upon and to understand how this value system has allowed the United States to welcome millions of people from diverse cultures all over the world to create a unique, enduring American identity.

Enroll/Register HERE or call the campus nearby to schedule a tour. If you want a small, safe, and tuition-free school with personalized attention that prepares your child for college or career readiness, then enroll today! 


Click the link to view our 2024-25 Enrollment Guide: https://www.swprep.org/2024-25EnrollmentGuide/


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