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Training Opportunities

Teacher Professional Development

 September 25th:  Intentional support, ARD alignment, goal writing, data collection/progress reporting, IPI, and ARD supplements (FBA, BIP, AU, Parent in home training, PCS, Dyslexia)

October 5thAccommodations/Modifications, differentiated instruction, maximizing inclusion support in the classroom

November 16th:  Audit items, ARD supplements (Transition, Summary of performance, graduation, Transfer of Rights, Supported Decision Making, and Summary of performance), Pre/Post hearing MDR revision ARDs, Behavior interventions, STAAR Alt2 and justifications

January 15th:  TBD (instructional/behavioral focus for all teachers)

February CPI training:  Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (if face to face allowed)

March 22th:  Student Support Initiate (SSI), failure ARDs, graduation ARDs/REEDs, LRE, and Teacher choice

April 30th:  End of year roles and responsibilities, SSI check in, Failure ARD check in, Graduation ARD check in, Final Progress reports, and services

May 17th:  TBD if issues or a need arises a training will be held.


Parent Training

The Educational Service Center 20 provides parent training.  Use the link below and search "Family Engagement" to find different topics for parents.


ESC 20 Family Engagement Training


Foster and Surrogate Training

Volunteers are needed to serve as surrogate parents.  If you are interested please contact the SASPC office at 210-447-9101. 


When is a Surrogate Parent Needed? 34 CFR §300.519

No parent can be identified

Parent cannot be located after reasonable efforts by the school district

The child is a ward of the State

The child is an unaccompanied homeless youth


If you are interested in becoming a surrogate you can complete the required training, save a copy of the training certificate and contact our office.


Foster and Surrogate Training Link