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Thanks for your interest in becoming an education SUPERHERO!  Below are full profiles of just three incredible teaching superheroes at Southwest Preparatory School. We hope you enjoy!



Korn photoDanielle Korn – New Kindergarten Teacher

This is my first year at SWPREP  and despite logistical challenges, it is a joy to teach here. Reading and science are my favorite subjects to teach my students and they are always eager to learn. I love witnessing their “AH-HA!” moments like when they master their “sight” words. When students recognize memorized sight words out in their world, their excitement bubbles over.

I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Psychology. My goals are to pursue a master’s degree in Education Administration or Children’s Literature Writing. I feel it is important for teachers to lead by example and continue our education as we teach our students.

Extra funds would be helpful because let’s face it... teaching expenses mount quickly and state funding does not cover the supplemental tools every student and teacher needs for the best learning environment. Training, resources, and tactile learning tools, are some things I could see extra funds going to. Every teacher spends a substantial amount of personal funds to create an engaging learning environment and for our own continuing education to continue improving our teaching craft. However, our personal resources are limited and we need help.


janelle photoJanelle Nihipali – Cafeteria worker who became a teacher

My family at that time was very unhappy with traditional public education, so I was homeschooling our four children. Stumbling upon SWREP, we noticed something was different about this school and wanted to investigate. Once we toured the campus and spoke to multiple teachers, we were so excited about the family environment and teaching manner, that we enrolled our kids immediately. That following semester, my career adventure began when I became a substitute teacher. The more I learned about my students and how they were being taught and nurtured, the more I wanted to be involved. The next year I started working in the cafeteria and my enthusiasm for SWPREP continued building for the next year and a half, to the point where I wanted to become a teacher. With my B.A., from Brigham Young University, I had the opportunity to start as a Special Education Instructional Aide and then continued to become a teacher.

Some of my favorite experiences are when a student previously struggles with a difficult math concept and then when the teaching is absorbed, he understands! I call this an “aha” moment and absolutely love seeing it over and over in my classroom. It’s also rewarding to know we make a difference in our student’s life.

Finding new ways of teaching often comes with expenses that often we cannot cover on our own. Additional funding would give me the opportunity to continue helping students understand math and science concepts with more ease. Tactile learning tools, computer programs, calculators, and projects are all things that will enhance the student learning experience. Additional funding will allow every teacher to pursue continuing education to become more adept at teaching our students in progressive ways.


duby photoBrian Duby – Teacher with the aspiration of becoming an administrator

I am enjoying my third year as a Career & Technology Education teacher. The family atmosphere and level of attention each student receives at SWPREP are unmatched and something we are all proud of. I love it when a student learns a new concept or skill and lights up with excitement.

It is encouraging to see how many students want to attend college and my wish is for them to get an education in the field that inspires them. Although I love teaching in the classroom, my aspiration is to move into Administration and make SWPREP the best district in San Antonio!

Extra funds are essential for our students and teachers to grow during the new style of virtual learning and teaching. Specifically, extra funds would ensure our students have
the most up-to-date technology and access to programs such as Microsoft Office. Having technology tools will allow students to complete quality assignments with greater ease. I also believe extra funds would be integral for continuing education for our faculty and staff. Teachers who are empowered to continue their education will progress as better teachers and be better examples to our students. 



The Southwest Preparatory Education Foundation, in collaboration with community partners, generates and distributes resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for students enrolled in the Southwest Preparatory School District.