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Our History

Our history
A True Pioneer
Southwest Winners, founded by Mr. Jim Neal, was one of the first independent contractors to provide alternative education in the San Antonio area by establishing a high school serving at-risk students for Alamo Heights ISD and Judson. When the charter legislation was passed and TEA asked for proposals, it was easy to take the successful educational program and write a charter proposal featuring two key pillars used in the alternative school—character education and self-paced learning. 
Friends since their days teaching together at Roosevelt, Mr. Neal knew there was only one choice he wanted as a partner in writing the charter proposal, Dr. Gary Short. Their enduring partnership would prove to be the foundation for the charter school's growth and success. 
Established on March 6, 1998, Southwest Preparatory School implements its overarching vision, which is to do profound good in the community by providing an adaptive educational program that better meets the needs of our youth and prepares them 
An Era of Accomplishment 
In 1998, Southwest Preparatory School opened its doors in San Antonio to 23 students. It now serves over 900 students at six campuses located in San Antonio and Seguin.  
If the past is any indication of what the future can be, then our growth and enviable record of success with at-risk students during the past 25 years will continue—as will our determination to provide adaptive educational opportunities to students through tuition-free, public elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Significant Historic Events


  • March 6: Southwest Preparatory School ranked 2nd out of 165 charter applications, becoming a 2nd Generation charter school in San Antonio.
  • April 12: Southwest Winners Foundation, Inc. was established as the non-profit sponsor for Southwest Preparatory School.
  • August 12: The school opens with 23 students at the Alamo Hill Shopping Center.


  • Students vote to adopt "Knights" as the mascot.


  • Received Discretionary Grant from TEA to initiate a special education co-op.


  • Expanded to 735 S.W.W. White Rd. (Southeast Campus).
  • Passed a $2.25 million municipal bond for expansion and land purchase.
  • Selected by TEA to operate a pilot "virtual school."


  • Awarded $1.3 million for Southeast Campus upgrades.
  • Expanded to Northwest San Antonio, acquiring the School of Excellence facilities.


  • Relocated the Northwest Campus to the old Koger Center.
  • Moved into Northeast Campus at 1258 Austin Hwy.
  • Established New Directions, an alternative school for the District.


  • Opened a night school at Northeast Campus.


  • Purchased a vacant lot adjacent to Southeast Campus.


  • Passed an $8 million bond for further expansions and refinancing.


  • New Directions Alternative Campus moved into a new building on the Northeast Campus.


  • Northwest Campus relocated to Alamo Downs.


  • Initiated a night school at Northwest Campus.


  • Established a local School Health Co-op.
  • Purchased campus vans.


  • Awarded a $9 million TTIPS Transformation grant to transition to a college preparatory model.


  • Northeast Campus achieves SACS Accreditation.
  • Middle Schools opened at each campus.


  • SACS Accreditation achieved for Southeast & Northwest Campuses.
  • Northwest Campus absorbed students from Shekinah Radiance schools.
  • Planning commenced for the Northwest multi-purpose building.
  • Applied for ten-year charter renewal.


  • Purchased a bus for Northwest campus transportation to Northeast campus.
  • Expanded elementary grades at Northeast and Southeast Campuses.
  • Added Northwest Elementary School on Culebra Rd.
  • Approved expansion to contiguous counties.
  • Added elementary grades to Northeast Campus by remodeling the New-Directions building.


  • An elementary building was added to the Southeast Campus.


  • Remodeled the Grace Family Bible Church in Seguin.


  • Purchased property from Grace Family Bible Church Seguin
  • Opened Seguin Campus PreK-5.
  • Completed Phase Two of Seguin.
  • Began construction of Northwest Campus gym.


  • Added grade 6 to Seguin Campus.
  • Remodeled Northwest Campus.
  • Construction of Northwest Campus gym completed.
  • Northwest Campus partnered with Texas A&M University-San Antonio for the Early College High School program.


  • Added grade 7 to Seguin Campus.
  • Celebrated Twenty-Year Anniversary.


  • Added grade 8 to Seguin Campus.


  • Added grade 9 to Seguin Campus.


  • Added grade 10 to Seguin Campus.
  • New Directions launch the Media Education Design Academy - MEDA


  • Added grade 11 to Seguin Campus.


  • Added grade 12 to Seguin Campus.
  • Renamed New Directions campus to Northeast.
  • The old cafeteria at Seguin Campus was demolished to make way for a two-story building housing five high school classrooms and a redesigned cafeteria.