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Our College and Career Scholarship Program


For over 20 years, Southwest Preparatory School has been dedicated to creating an educational program and a learning environment that truly prepares students to be successful in the world. We believe in investing in the future of each student who is dedicated to working hard to achieve their future goals. We do this by giving them an opportunity to earn scholarship money each semester. In 2012, the Southwest Winner Foundation began the College and Career Scholarship Program to help eliminate financial barriers for college and post-high-school training. The program has awarded over $216,000 in scholarships toward the cost of college, trade, tech, or vocational schools for our students.

Keep reading to learn how your donation can change lives.

 – 2020 Graduate, Salutatorian, College Scholarship Recipient, Member of the National Honor Society

"My educational journey at Southwest Preparatory School began in the 6th grade. I enjoyed the number of students per class are small which allowed me to get to know other students and teachers, build lifetime friendships, while learning in a safe environment. I was encouraged to aim and aspire to excel in the things I was good at, to maximize opportunities, and to be resilient when adversity arises.

SWPREP granted me the opportunity to begin college at age 16 at St. Phillips College in the Dual Credit Program while I continued taking self-place classes and advancing towards graduation. I was allowed to transfer to Texas A&M University San Antonio where all my college expenses where paid for by Southwest Preparatory School. I was able to go to college free of cost even before I graduated high school! I am now pursuing my bachelor degree in nursing at UTSA.

I received a College and Career Scholarship from SWPREP because I was able to maintain good grades, attendance, with excellent behavior. This program has been the best thing about choosing Southwest Preparatory School for my educational journey. It is important to be in a school where you can successfully achieve your future educational goals, be motivated, and geared with the right tools to be successful in college as well as being an essential part of our growing community."

 – 2018 Graduate

"I am a first year apprentice as an electrician at South Texas Electrical J.A.T.C. in San Antonio. In choosing my career path, I thought there were at least three things everyone needs in life: a good mechanic, a nurse, and an electrician. I choose to be an electrician as it is a growing field." 


Isaiah earned $2,400 from the College and Career Scholarships Program which covered his tuition at J.A.T.C. so he didn't have any out of pocket expense. "So far, being an electrician is great. The trade school has a job placement so I am working on a project at UTSA and it is steady work. The classes are not that difficult. I currently have an A average." 

"I enjoyed my time at SWPREP." He played sports credits the teachers at the school for providing a good experience for him.  Having he opportunity to earn The College and Career Scholarship funds "really motivates you to get on the AP Honor Roll, show up to school, and be on time to class. I encourage other students to earn those scholarships as it will help them." 

– 10th Grader and Future Graduate

"I’m a 14 year old sophomore at the New Directions campus. The teachers here are amazing and have been so supportive throughout my educational journey. I have gotten to participate in the dual credit program by taking classes at St. Phillip’s college and have now transferred to Texas A&M University San Antonio this semester. I really enjoy getting to take college classes while still in high school.

My goal after graduating is to continue on at Texas A&M University San Antonio for my associates degree, and then transfer to the University of the Incarnate Word for my bachelor’s degree. I would really love to be a forensic DNA analyst when I graduate from college, but I also wouldn’t mind following the path to becoming a medical geneticist.

I am also active in the community and began a bullying prevention and awareness program when I was in the fifth grade, called Bullying Stops Today. I work with many schools throughout the city and I also meet with local business leaders and politicians to raise awareness of the bullying problem that is so common in our society. I have developed a website at

The teachers and staff at SWPREP have been amazing during my time here, and they have always supported all my interests and extra activities, and encouraged me to go after my dreams. I believe that they have helped prepare me for my future in college and beyond. The College and Career Scholarship Program, that is offered at SWPREP, is so important to me because it is going to help me achieve my goals.

My mom has raised me on her own since I was 2, and has always encouraged me to be the best person I can be. I want to be able to take some of the financial burden of college off of her and take advantage of every scholarship opportunity that I have available. The school is helping so much in that area, and I am very grateful."

- 2019 Graduate
"I am currently a student at Palo Alto College majoring in Pre-Nursing. My career goal is to become a nurse to help those in need."
"Thanks to SWPREP, I graduated not only with college experience but with college credit." This experience gave her the confidence and the skills needed to succeed in college. She was guided through the college application process making sure she had all the needed requirements, thanks to the dedicated staff at SWPREP. "I was motivated and encouraged by everyone." She recommends parents enroll their children in SWPREP and take advantage of the tuition free college!
"SWPREP gave me a second family. I always felt safe and comfortable with all the teachers. It was such a loving and amazing environment!"
The College and Career Student Scholarship Program allowed her to earn scholarship money while still in high school. "My parents have always had to work many jobs in order to help provide for my family. They told us that they didn't have enough money to pay for college for me and my siblings."
Thanks to SWPREP and the Scholarship program she was encouraged to work hard in school to earn the scholarship money and apply to college. "I have been blessed to have received the scholarship. It has helped me pay for school and get me closer to my future career."
"I encourage anyone who is able to donate to the scholarship program because it can help so many students attend college, just like myself."