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Support the College Scholarship Program

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For 20 years Southwest Preparatory School has been dedicated to creating a school program and environment that truly prepares students to be successful in the world by having a strong character and core beliefs. This foundation prepares them to be morally and academically grounded to be able to adjust to changes in the work world and culture.  It is our desire to give students the tools that they need, no matter what the future brings. The Southwest Winners Foundation began a College Scholarship Program in 2012 and has since awarded over $216,000 to students to assist with tuition and books.

To be eligible for a Southwest Preparatory Colleg Scholarship, students enrolled in grades 6-12 at SWPREP are eligible to earn a $300.00 college scholarship each semester (based on board approval of available funds). A student must remain enrolled through the 12th grade or all monies earned are forfeit. When the student graduates from SWPREP, all earned funds will be directed to the student’s college, university, trade, tech, or vocational school of choice to pay for tuition and books only.

A student must request funds within 4 years of graduating from SWPREP. Southwest Preparatory will not pay scholarship funds to any college, university, trade, tech, or vocational school that as a part of its curriculum has any discriminatory teachings or discriminates against any guest speakers. To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must meet all of the following qualifications.

1. The student must have completed all courses assigned to them at the beginning of the semester with an “A" average. An “A” is defined as a grade of 90 or greater. For students enrolled in self-paced courses, they must complete six courses during the semester.

2. The student must have at least 95% attendance.

3. The students may not have any discipline records for the semester.

4. The student must pass all state-administered tests or state-approved substitutes that are administered during the semester.

5. Students must complete community service hours. We would require community service based on hours...

• 2 hours/semester for students in 6-8th grades

• 4 hours/semester for students in 9-12th grades

Please consider giving a one time gift or becoming a Friend of the Foundation with a monthly gift.   I want to support students' futures!