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Media Education Design Academy - MEDA

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Come be a part of our exciting new MEDA program where students study communication through photography, video, audio, and computer/digital arts. Our New MEDA program will equip students to work in the Media Industry through mastery of professional software tools and real-world experience. Open to students in grades 6th - 12th.
Our MEDA students:
Are prepared for their future by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and work ethic in the media industry.

Study audio, visual, and graphic design in conjunction with courses necessary to graduate in the State of Texas.

Master an array of software tools and industry-based skills through real-world professional experiences and partnerships.

Are prepared for success and ready to lead the way in this rapidly changing world. 
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MEDA Boot Camp 2022
Fifth graders at Northeast Elementary were invited to participate in MEDA Boot Camp at the New Directionsmedia education campus. The Media Education Design Academy is a new multi-media education program for students in grades 6th-12th grade. Program Director, David Flores said," The Boot Camp is designed to build a bridge between elementary Media Educationand middle school as well introduce them to the new MEDA program." The students were given the opportunity to work on a music video andlearning to use a camera learn what the MEDA program is all about. Eleven students were taught how to use a camera and how to shoot a video scene for the music video project.  Mr. Flores says, "These students are excited about our MEDA program and can't wait to learn more next year." 
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2022 MEDA Boot Camp Video Production Project - We Don't Talk About Bruno from Encanto.