New Directions - MEDIA EDUCATION DESIGN ACADEMY (MEDA) Program Wins Big!

New Directions - The MEDA students won Second Place this weekend at the "48 to Create" film competition. Our students, along with eight other schools, were given a theme and a genre of film to complete in 48 hours.
The theme this year was "Higher Learning," and the genre that was selected for our students was a documentary that was given to students via Zoom on Friday night. Senior and team captain Ricardo Martinez wasted no time collaborating with the team and brainstorming ideas. Ricardo wrote the script, and the team began filming the next day. Some of the other students took on the task of designing the movie poster. 
This was the first year the MEDA students participated in the "48 to Create," so we are particularly proud of their hard work and success.
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Jesse Borrego, actor, and director, was the guest speaker at the competition. Borrego was on the TV hit series Fame, and he's been in several Hollywood movies. 
About the 48 to Create
The Alamo Arts Academy's *48 to Create" competition (Spring) gives students 48hrs to complete a three-minute short film. This hurried style of production is meant to be fun and challenge students' critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Student teams, consisting of no less than two members and no more than eight members, will meet at that year's pre-determined location on Friday at 6 pm where instructors and special guests from the Alamo Arts Academy will be ready to start the 48 to Create competition. Each team will select a genre, one line of dialogue, and one prop they must incorporate into their film and graphic design. Students will have the entire weekend to write, shoot, edit and deliver their project, which will be screened on Sunday at 6 pm.

The production of the short film will utilize their Digital Film Production and Audio Engineering skills. Students will also create a digital movie poster utilizing Graphic Design and take behind-the-scenes photos utilizing Digital Photography. Gear and equipment will be available for students to use, along with professional mentors to help with the gear.

The winners of this competition will receive a gift certificate and team trophy and will be featured on our social media and regional marketing platforms.
The event was sponsored by Alamo Arts Academy.
Alamo Arts Academy, founded in San Antonio, provides students the opportunity to study in the fields of Digital Film Production, Digital Photography, Audio Engineering, and Graphic Design. Founded by feature filmmaker and certified teacher Buddy Calvo, the year-round program brings a unique perspective on how middle and high school students are taught multimedia education.