Southwest Preparatory School Media Education Design Academy (MEDA) at the New Direction campus is participating in a multimedia project that provides a hands-on, real-world learning experience and the opportunity to meet and learn from San Antonio's most successful and distinguished residents. 

This unique project has paired 11 students or Mentees from Texas A&M University-San Antonio and Southwest School of Art with 11 San Antonio community leaders or mentors. The mentors and mentees will conduct on-camera interviews and participate in a photo session. All the multimedia work is directed and produced by the students and the program co-directors, David Flores and Eddie Torres of the Southwest Preparatory School Media Education Design Academy (MEDA). 

"This real-world multimedia project has been an invaluable learning opportunity for our Southwest Preparatory School MEDA students. They can apply the technical skills they are learning in the classroom and learn how to adapt to various filming conditions and challenges that inevitably pop up during a live shoot. To have the opportunity to meet some of San Antonio's most successful professionals and hear their stories is an incredible experience for these young people," says Sandi Mitchell, Southwest Preparatory School's PR Director. 

The Kaleidoscope of Arts project will encompass a community book, San Antonio Inspires, a collection of the mentor's biographies written by their mentees and photographs. The Southwest Preparatory School MEDA students will also produce a behind-the-scenes documentary video of the Kaleidoscope of Arts project. Both the book and the documentary will be available spring of 2023.                                                                                    Learn more about the Kaleidoscope of Arts project at

About Southwest Preparatory School Multimedia Education Design Academy (MEDA)

MEDA students study communication at the New Directions campus through photography, video, and computer/digital arts. The MEDA program will equip students to work in the Media Industry through mastery of professional software tools and real-world experience. Open to students in grades 6th - 12th. Learn more about MEDA

        Our MEDA students:                         

      Are prepared for their future by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and work ethic in the media industry.

       Study audio, visual, and graphic design in conjunction with courses necessary to graduate in the State of Texas.

       Master an array of software tools and industry-based skills through real-world professional experiences and partnerships.

       Are prepared for success and ready to lead the way in this rapidly changing world. 

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