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Ms. Cristy Rember » Bio


Hello my name is Cristy Rember. I am the art teacher for Southwest preparatory school in Seguin. This is my third year with Southwest Prep. My background is in studio art. I studied at Baylor University where I got my BFA in studio art with a major in painting. After graduating I taught add a small private Christian school in new Braunfels. I also worked at the Hummel Museum in New Braunfels. From there I worked in several museums including the Buffalo Texas State history Museum when it first opened as well as an art handling company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These jobs allowed me to travel and see many museums and meet artists. I got to see behind the scenes of installing museum exhibits which was very exciting and nerve wracking. You have to be very careful handling ancient artifacts!!  I live in new Braunfels with my husband Casey and my daughter Mallory. We have one cat named Zuri, Her name means beautiful one in Swahili. She is a snowshoe Siamese. We also have a dog named Zeus because he is an electric ball of energy. He is a rat terrier Chihuahua mix. In my spare time I enjoy painting and all sorts of art projects. I really love creating things. I am excited for this school year. We have an art room. I love teaching art because I get to work with many different kinds of mediums. I also loved seeing children’s creativity and their and excitement and enjoyment when they have created something they are proud of.