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Information For Parents



Southwest Preparatory School District and the Community

Title One, Part A Meeting – Parents are encouraged to attend an informational meeting to inform them about the school’s participation in Title 1, Part A programs.

SWPREP and Operation Homefront - Assist military families during difficult financial times by providing food assistance in the form of canned foods and other non-perishable food items. The canned food drive runs in the Fall.

Sexting Prevention Program - On June 17, 2011, Governor Rick Perry signed into Texas legislation Senate Bill 407, which addresses the issue of sexting between minors.

Title I Parent Advisory Committee - Meets two (2) times a year, normally in the fall and late spring. The committee discusses Title I programs and budget as well as make suggestions for future programs and approves the following year’s fiscal budget plans. One (1) parent and one (1) administrator from each campus will attend as well as others that oversee/administer the programs funded by Title I.

Department:  Title 1 Parental Involvement     

Contact: Evonne Murillo 210-829-8017

Parent and Community Involvement Opportunities

CTE Advisory Committee  - The committee provides a link between the community and the school district for the purpose of improving Computer, Technology, and Workforce programs to equip students with current workplace skills. The committee meets monthly and is composed of community members from Alamo College, business and industry, Career and Technical Education counselors, parents, and students.

Department: Career and Technical Education     

Contact: Director of Career and Technology Education, Veronica Champion - 210-829-8017

Campus Improvement Team on each school campus - Each campus team meets at least six (6) times a year to oversee the campus improvement plans for each campus. Principals appoint from two (2) to four (4) parents, two (2) community representatives, and one (1) business representative to their team, representing the diversity on their campus.  

Department: Individual School           

Contact: Local Campus 210-829-8017 

Coffee with the Principals - Parents and community members meet with principals for give-and-take talk sessions throughout the school year.

Department: Individual School           

Contact: Local Campus 210-829-8017

Family Involvement Month - Special events planned to emphasize partnerships between families and schools in November.

Department: Parental Involvement        

Contact: Each individual school for the parent liaison.  

 Input Opportunity for Curriculum and Textbook Selection - To provide suggestions for district curriculum and textbook choices. 

Department: School Improvement       

Contact: Interim Superintendent, Christinn Jean - 210-829-8017

Meet the Teacher Events - To encourage interaction between parents and teachers at events such as Open House, Meet-the-Teacher Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Special Events, etc.

Department: Individual School       

Contact: Local Campus 210-829-8017

Partners in Education Program- Oversees the school/business partnership efforts in the district as partners serve as tutors, mentors, and have donated resources, services, and equipment.

Department: Community Outreach

Contact: Local Campus 210-829-8017

School Health Advisory Council - To make recommendations about the district’s health education instruction. The council meets 4 times during the school year.

Department: Health Services       

Contact: Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mr. Christopher McCammon - 210-829-8017

Volunteer Organizations - To provide student support in various programs such as reading, mentoring, tutoring, printing, teacher’s aide, etc. Interested participants must complete a “Volunteer Registration” form for a background check.

Department: Individual Campus      

Contact: Local School 210-829-8017

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