Southwest Preparatory School - MEDA Students Excel in 48-Hour Film & Graphic Design Challenge

We're incredibly proud of our Southwest Preparatory School - MEDA students! 🎥They showcased their talents and teamwork at the Alamo Arts Academy's 48 to Create competition, and the results were amazing!

In just 48 hours, the students managed to write a script, film it, edit the footage, and create a stunning movie poster to accompany their film. They clinched 3rd place in the film category and secured the 1st place spot for graphic design with their movie poster design.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that our team was a diverse mix of high school and middle school students. This experience allowed them to collaborate with peers they might not have interacted with otherwise, fostering valuable connections and friendships.

Moreover, the graphic design team had only one member with prior Photoshop experience, making their 1stmovie poster place victory a monumental confidence boost! This is a testament to the power of determination and learning on the job.

Ultimately, this competition taught our students the intricacies of film production and how each moving part affects the overall outcome. We couldn't be prouder of their hard work and creativity!

Kudos to our talented students for this incredible accomplishment. Keep reaching for the stars and pushing the boundaries of your creativity.