Southwest Preparatory School is Bringing Active Shooter Response Training to San Antonio

San Antonio, TX, November 28, 2022 - Southwest Preparatory School and the ALICE Training® Institute have teamed up to bring ALICE Instructor Certification Training to San Antonio, TX, on March 14-15, 2023. The two-day instructor course will be held at Southwest Preparatory School Northwest campus  - 6535 Culebra Rd. San Antonio, TX 78238.

This two-day instructor course teaches proactive response option survival strategies for violent critical incidents ensuring a trauma-informed approach to civilian active threat response training. The age and ability-appropriate training and robust resources make it the best training in the market to bring to our community. The goal of the ALICE program is to empower individuals to participate in their own survival in the gap between when a violent situation begins and when law enforcement arrives.

ALICE Training is a solution of Navigate360 and is a valuable course for everyone: law enforcement, schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, and places of worship. Completing the ALICE Instructor Certification course provides individuals with certification in ALICE proactive options-based responses, preparing them to take those same strategies back to their organization and community. Additionally, registrants will gain access to exclusive ALICE resources and ongoing support. The price of the training is $749, and registration can be completed online at

ALICE is aligned with recommendations from the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Education, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and many State government agencies.

About ALICE Training

ALICE Training is the original proactive options-based response program that prepares civilians with life skills to increase survivability in the face of violence. ALICE addresses the fallacies of a one-size-fits-all response plan by explaining the truths and realities of Violent Critical Incidents. The reality is that extremely tragic outcomes in these events can be mitigated and are very much survivable. Through training and empowerment, citizens can apply the ALICE proactive response options and improve their chances of survival in any environment where they are confronted by an active shooter or violent intruder. ALICE strategies are taught with a trauma-informed approach and recommended by many Federal and State official guidelines. For More Information about ALICE Training Institute, Contact us at [email protected]

Schools are expected to take on the challenge of mitigating violence, both in the classroom and in the community. ALICE Training®, a solution of Navigate360, can help in this effort by preparing everyone in your schools to respond proactively to violence no matter where they may face danger. ALICE is the original civilian, active shooter response training program that empowers people to participate in their own survival in the face of violence. The trauma-informed, options-based strategies taught in the ALICE program are age- ability-appropriate so that all individuals can increase their survivability when faced with an active threat incident. Learn why ALICE Training® is the right program for your school and how it works to save lives.