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Northeast and New Directions has been named a 2022 Cognia™ School of Distinction for excellence in education

Southwest Preparatory School-Northeast and New Directions is recognized as a 2022 Cognia School of Distinction a program which recognizes pre-K–12 education institutions that exemplify excellence in education and service to learners. Cognia selected Southwest Preparatory School-Northeast as one of the 96 schools and 38 systems out of more than 1,500 institutions that were eligible for its 2022 Cognia Schools and Systems of Distinction.

“School accreditation from Cognia is a valuable mark of distinction recognized around the world. This makes SWPREP one of the schools that Cognia recognizes as best exemplifying excellence in education and standing out in our service to learners, based on the results of Cognia's rigorous accreditation process,” said Dr. Gary Short, Executive Director of Southwest Preparatory School District.

Southwest Preparatory School-Northeast and New Directions participated in Cognia’s rigorous Accreditation Engagement Review process, which is based on research-based performance standards. The process includes a third-party review by education experts of evidence, interviews, and classroom observations. The evaluation covers Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity, as well as a demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement.

Southwest Preparatory School-Northeast and New Directions  is to be commended on their recognition as a School of Distinction,” said Dr. Mark A. Elgart, president and CEO of Cognia. “Cognia Accreditation is already a mark of distinction recognized around the world. Being named a School or System of Distinction further recognizes the commitment to education quality [insert school or system] has for its learners,” he added.

For Cognia Global Network member institutions, Cognia offers an opportunity to be further recognized as a school or system of distinction in the year in which an accreditation engagement review is held. Unlike the typical six-year accreditation cycle, this program recognizes institutions that hosted a Cognia Accreditation Engagement Review within the recognition year 2021-2022. Learn more about Cognia membership at

About Southwest Preparatory School

Southwest Preparatory School is a tuition-free college preparatory and career-readiness public charter school serving students in grades PK-12 in the San Antonio and Sequin area. SWPREP provides a safe environment, small classes with individual attention, and an academically enriched curriculum. Find out more about

About Cognia

Cognia is a global, nonprofit improvement organization dedicated to helping institutions and other education providers grow learners, teachers, and leaders. Cognia offers accreditation and certification, assessment, and professional services within a framework of continuous improvement. Serving 36,000 public and private institutions from early learning through high school in more than 90 countries, Cognia brings a global perspective to advancing teaching and learning. Find out more at