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– Southwest Prep is proud to announce that we have recently partnered with the Texas-based company, Anderson Software, to provide a seamless and efficient way for students, staff, and community members to offer information to help prevent tragedy and bring mental health needs to light. Anderson Software leads the industry with its secure and anonymous tip acquisition and management solution, called P3 Intel. This technology is the foundation of P3 Campus, a comprehensive reporting solution designed specifically for students' needs, behaviors, and attitudes. This partnership allows South Texas to foster a relationship between schools, law enforcement, mental health professionals, parents, and students themselves.


Southwest Prep will now accept reports through mobile or desktop web browsers at or the P3 Campus mobile app. These methods of reporting seamlessly integrate into the lives of modern students. Reports are monitored 24/7 to ensure that time-sensitive matters are dealt with promptly. Reports made through the P3 Campus mobile app, unlike SMS text reports, have no length limitations or the need to remember a short code. Additionally, when reporters use the mobile app, they are notified when action has been taken on their report, which demonstrates the value of their time and concern. In both the web browser and app form, reporters can attach photos, screenshots, videos, documents, or audio recordings to their reports, and they can engage in two-way dialogue with a real person; both of these features greatly facilitate swift interventions.


Southwest Prep feels that joining the P3 Campus initiative will strengthen bonds between students and adults, identify subjects of social abuse, reveal unmet emotional needs, and preclude tragedy on both the personal and community level.

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