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Ramirez Biography

Mr. Ramirez currently serves as Social Studies Teacher at Southwest Preparatory School where he teaches 6th grade World Geography and Cultures, 7th grade Texas History, 8th Grade U.S. History, and 9th and 10th Grade World History.


Ramirez is also employed at Jackson Hewitt, where he has worked as a tax preparer since 2014 and as a bookkeeper at Ledesma Bookkeeping Service since 2017. He studied urban planning and city government through the City of San Marcos under the mentorship of Councilman Jude Prather (Hays County Veterans Service Officer) from August 2014 to December 2018. He joined the Laney Center for Public Service as a scholar in January 2013 and serves as the Director of Legislative Affairs & Research under the mentorship of former House Speaker Pete Laney. He is responsible for training Laney Center Scholars and providing an initiative of civic involvement to prepare those future leaders for the challenges of governing Texas to succeed and contribute to Texas as state and local leaders through studies in appropriations process, interest group advocacy, legislative procedure, media and public opinion, and public policy analysis. Policy related to the areas of government, education, employment, and child and family well-being provide the substantive focus of his research at the Laney Center.

He has served as a Graduate Instructional Assistant for the Department of Political Science assisting in POSI 2320 (Functions in American Government) since August 2014 and has served as an Adjunct Professor while teaching POSI 2310 both face-to-face and online. Eric is also preparing for a certification in QuickBooks and Financial Planning, is currently studying to become an Enrolled Agent, a designation by the Internal Revenue Service, and is working on his teaching certification.

Ramirez is an advocate for student success and plans to help students prepare for college and career readiness through individual attention and an academically enriched curriculum. Students learn life skills through individual needs and through community service projects that emphasize values which positively impact our community. An effective learning environment will prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace.

Ramirez earned his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Texas State University and focused on urban planning for his M.A. degree in Public Administration. He is a candidate for the MA Social Science Teachers Program. Eric is also working on the MA Legal Studies program at Texas State University.

Outside of work and school, Ramirez enjoys attending live music concerts, watching movies, and traveling with his wife Marie.