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The Life and Times of Mary Beggs

Mary Beggs

Many years ago, I was born in Reno, Nevada to a nurse and an accounting professor. However, it was my grandmother who offered me the role model of strength, moral character, and kindness; now she is an angel guarding over me every day. I grew up throughout the US, including: Spokane, WA; Lincoln, NE; Platville WI; Boise, ID; Lubbock, TX; Anchorage, AK; Fairbanks, AK; Amarillo, TX; Wallingford, CT, and now San Antonio, TX. Throughout my travels, I got married, adopted the three most amazing siblings, got divorced, and now also added to our family three dogs and cat. We do not live in a yellow submarine but in a nice home with a big back yard and thoughtful neighbors.

Professionally, I am starting my twenty-first year of teaching secondary school, although I have also taught adults. I have my Masters in Public Administration, and am currently working toward graduation with my doctorate in education next year. I received my first two degrees from Texas Tech, GO RED RAIDERS!! My doctorate will be from Northcentral University, AZ.

All of my skills (public speaking, teaching/training, counseling, project management, writing, and leadership/management) have been built to guide me toward my long-term goal of starting a non-profit to protect and provide for charter schools in 5-10 years. I feel school choice, and charter schools in specific, provides the greatest hope for school reform and advancing our students’ growth.

But what about the me that is not a mom or educator? I am a spiritual person with joy in being happy to be a misfit who is Aquarius and Year of the Dragon on the cusp of the Rabbit. All this to say, I see the world in a glow of beautiful colors, shapes, sounds, and hope. My family and friends keep my feet on the ground while my head is in the world of dreams. I explore the world through reading, writing, and travelling. My personal job revolves around spreading optimism and faith to all in my life. On a final note, my personal motto has and will always be Carpe Diem (to seize the day).