SWPS State Assessment Information


Based on recent legislative actions, the Texas Assessments of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS)  tests are no longer being administered. Proposed amendments to Texas Administrative Code will provide paths toward meeting graduation requirements and earning a high school diploma for former students whose assessment graduation requirement is TAKS.  The October testing session has been canceled.

  2017-2018 STAAR-EOC testing:

For student who have completed courses and need to pass a STAAR test to graduate, please bring a photo ID and arrive at New Directions Campus by 8:00 am.

Monday, 12/4
Tuesday, 12/5
Wednesday, 12/6
Thursday, 12/7
Friday, 12/8
 English 1
 US History
 English 2
   Algebra 1

TRAININGS:    2017 Annual Training         December 2017 EOC

If you have any questions about the State Assessment Program, please contact: 

Location Name Phone
District Lonie Bejar 829-8017, Opt. 9, Ext. 6011
Northeast Campus Carolyn Martinez/Jose Soto
829-8017, Opt. 2, Ext. 1005
Southeast Campus Nate Thomas
829-8017, Opt. 3, Ext. 2107
Northwest Campus Julie Gist
829-8017, Opt. 4, Ext. 4003
Northwest Elementary Chris McCammon
New Directions Jose Soto 829-8017, Opt. 2, Ext. 1137
Seguin Elementary
 Sherry Head