SWPS State Assessment Information
Let's get ready for TAKS....beginning in Oct. 2014, TAKS will only be offered online.

Testing for students finished with coursework will be ONLY AT NE CAMPUS - arrive at at 8:30 to register.  If you are currently enrolled, you will test at your campus - be at school on time please.

Monday, 7/11

Tuesday, 7/12

Wednesday, 7/13





Social Studies

If you are not currently enrolled at SWPS, PLEASE BRING A PHOTO ID.

Summer 2016 STAAR-EOC testing:

Testing will be ONLY AT NE CAMPUS - arrive at at 8:30 to register - be at school on time please.  Please bring a Photo ID.  Sign up for July EOC HERE.

 Monday, 7/11  Tuesday, 7/12  Wednesday, 7/13  Thursday, 7/14  Friday, 7/15
 English 1
 US History
English 2
 Algebra 1

TRAININGS:    2016 Annual Training             

If you have any questions about the State Assessment Program, please contact: 

Location Name Phone
District Lonie Bejar 829-8017, Opt. 1, Ext. 6011
Northeast Campus Carolyn Martinez
829-8017, Opt. 2, Ext. 1005
Southeast Campus Nate Thomas
829-8017, Opt. 3, Ext. 2107
Northwest Campus Michelle Hutchinson 829-8017, Opt. 4, Ext. 4005
Northwest Elementary Julian Castillo
New Directions Jose Soto 829-8017, Opt. 2, Ext. 1137